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    LB7 Duramax S&S Diesel Motorsports SAC00™ Injectors S&S Diesel Motorsport, the leaders in common-rail diesel injection, have revolutionized the LB7 Duramax aftermarket with their new SAC00™ fuel injectors. The S&S Diesel Motorsport SAC00™ injectors are a game-changer for LB7 Duramax owners who want increased durability without an increase in fueling. S&S has teamed up directly with Bosch to develop a stock-flowing LB7 SAC nozzle to replace the obsolete VCO nozzle that is currently used on...

    LML / LGH Duramax Diesel Fuel Injector Regulated Return Line Assembly 12639000, lml return hose, LML return line, lml return pressure regulator, lml duramax return line, lml return hose assembly, lml return line assembly, lml constant pressure regulator, 12633835
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      BRAND NEW- Genuine OEM - LML / LGH Injector Return Line AssemblyFITS:2011 - 2016 LML / LGH DuramaxIf your LML / LGH Duramax will not start, one of the early things to check is the fuel injector return line pressure which must be a minimum of 3 Bar (44 PSI). If the pressure is low and there are no leaks in the fuel return hose assembly, the most likely cause is the return line pressure regulator which is part of the return hose assembly. The piezo injectors utilized in these engines require...

      LML / LGH Injector Seal Kit LML injector orings, lml injector oring, LGH injector oring, LGH injector orings, lml injector seal kit, lgh injector seal kit, 19256465, lml injector seals, lgh injector seals, duramax lml injector seal kit, duramax lgh injector seal kit, lml tip gasket, lml nozzle washer, lml copper washer, lml injector installation kit, lgh injector installation kit
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        2011 - 2016 Duramax LML / LGH Injector Installation Kit Includes:(8) Copper Chamber / Tip Gaskets / Washers(8) Injector Body O-rings (8) Return line Fitting Orings These hard-to-find parts are essential to replace every time your injectors are removed.Replace the following part numbers:19256465

        Navistar / International DT466E BI Diesel Fuel Injector  2593594C91,  2593595C91, 1830561C92, 1830741C93, 1830562C2, 1830559C91,  1830560C2, 1830740C92, 1830560C92,  1830561C92,  1830741C92, AP63811B1, BI Injector, DT466 Injector, DT466E Injector, BI DT466E Injector
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          DT466E RemanufacturedBI Injector Fits DT466E 1999 - 2003 with 175 - 250 HP rating and engine serial numbers between 1,125,228 and 1,999,999SOLD INDIVIDUALLY Replaces the following part numbers:2593594C91 2593595C911830561C92 1830741C93 1830562C2 1830559C91 1830560C2 1830740C92 1830560C92 1830561C92 1830741C92 AP63811B1 Please carefully verify that these are the correct injectors for your truck before purchasing. Cores MUST be like-for-like. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.We...

          Is your diesel engine experiencing rough running, excessive smoke, or misfire? We carry high quality remanufactured and brand new Bosch fuel injectors for most diesel pickup applications from 1982 through current including Duramax, 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L, and 6.7L Powerstroke, and 5.9L / 6.7L Cummins applications. We also cover older engines including GM 6.2L and 6.5L and the Ford 6.9L / 7.3L IDI. We offer both stock and performance injectors - including 50HP and 100HP upgrades all the way up to full racing injectors. We are also proud to offer genuine S+S Diesel Motorsports high performance injectors. Don't see the fuel injector rebuild kits you need? Email or call - we may be able to help!