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 Ford Late MAF Sensor 04 - 09 Ford Mass air flow sensor, Ford MAF, Slot Style MAF, 3L3A-12B579-BA, AFLS-131, MF0930, 86-50031, 213-3604
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    REMANUFACTURED OEM FORD MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR- Genuine original OE Part -Replaces the following part numbers:3L3A-12B579-BA, AFLS-131, MF0930, 86-50031, 213-3604Fits the following Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, and Mercury applications:FORDCrown Victoria 2004 - 2009 w/ 4.6L E-150, E-250, E-350, and E-450, Super Duty 2004 - 2009 w/ 4.6L, 5.4L, and 6.8L Edge 2007 - 2009 w/ 3.5L Escape 2005 - 2009 w/2.3L (2005 - 2008) or 2.5L (2009) Escape Hybird 2005 - 2007 Expedition 2005 - 2009 w/ 5.4L Explorer w/ 4.6L...

    Ebay Core Charge
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      Need to pay a refundable core charge for an Ebay item? You've come to the right place! Just select the proper amount in the options below to match the core charge on the item you are purchasing. (If you are buying more than one of that item then increase the quantity of the core charges to match the number of items you are purchasing.)The core charge money will be refunded to the original payment method upon return of the core. See item description for details or feel free to contact us if...

      Ford Early MAF Sensor 99 - 04 Ford MAF Sensor, Ford Mass Air Flow Sensor, 213-3426, 1L2F-12B579-BA, 19112541, MF0862, SU1287
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        Remanufactured OEM FORD Mass air flow sensor (MAF)Save money by replacing only the sensor, not the entire housing. Just remove the two torx ("tamper proof" torx in some cases), remove the old sensor, and slide in the new one.Replaces the following part numbers:AC Delco: 213-3426, Ford 1L2F-12B579-BA, 19112541, Others: MF0862, SU1287 (Note: The number stamped on your sensor is NOT a part number, but rather a stamping number - if your vehicle is listed on the application list below, this part is...

        FS2500 Filter Element FS2500, FS2500 filter, FS-2500 filter, FS2500 filter element, FS2500 element, FS2500 replacment filter, FS2500 replacement filter element, Duramax FS2500 filter, Powerstroke FS2500 filter, Cummins FS2500 Filter, FS2500 filter replacment, FS2500 filter cartridge,
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          FS2500 Replacment FilterThis is a genuine FS2500 Filter. We are an authorized distributor of the FS2500 system. For more information on the FS2500 system, complete FS2500 kits, filter installation instructions, etc, please visit our FS2500 site - www.FS2500Filter.comEach Filter element includes a new groove gasket and bonded washer as pictured.This is the correct replacement filter element for all equipment, heavy truck, passenger vehicle, and pickup applications. Not for marine use.Quantity...

          International / Navistar High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump Navistar 15L Injection Pump, International 15L Injection Pump, Navistar 15L High Pressure Fuel pump,  0 445 020 158 L-W,3002634C1, 3014489C91
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            BRAND NEW- Genuine OEM Bosch-High Pressure Fuel Pump(NOT Remanufactured)- NO Core Charge -Part Numbers:BOSCH - 0 445 020 158 L-WNavistar - 3002634C1, 3014489C91This pump is believed to be fitted to International Navistar 15L ApplicationsTo ensure this pump is correct for your application, it is absolutely critical to match up by part number. Please do not purchase by application alone without verifying that the part number matches what is on your pump (or is a valid supercession).These pumps...

            OEM Bosch Diesel Hand Primer - Replaces Screw Down Type - Fits MANY Applications
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              BRAND NEW- GENUINE OEM BOSCH - HAND PRIMERThis original equipment diesel hand pump fits thousands and thousands of vehicle applications, including cars, heavy trucks, and equipment. Updated design replaces the older metal body screw-type primer.Replaces almost any hand primer with a 16mm thread!Is your hand primer leaking fuel or will not prime your system anymore? Replace in a matter of seconds and save a lot of wasted fuel and frustration when bleeding your fuel system!Fits the following...

              Trailblazer Tail Lamp Circuit Board Trailblazer Taillamp circuit board, Trailblazer taillight circuit board, trailblazer tail lamp circuit board, trailblazer tail light circuit board,
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                Tail Lamp Circuit Boardfor- 2002 - 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer -( fits Left OR Right side)(If one of your boards has failed it is advisable to purchase two - the other may not be far behind!)Common problems when your circuit board fails:- One or more bulbs do not work, or work intermittently- Bulbs are looseThese are very easy to change - if you can operate a screwdriver, you should be able to handle the job. The entire job takes about 5 minutes.-Remove taillight -Unscrew circuit board assembly...