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 Pump Mounted Driver
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Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) Brand New Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver from (PMD) - Also known as a Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD). Tired of unreliable OEM PMD's? - The HD Stanadyne PMD is built to last! The 6.5L Diesel with electronic injection was introduced in 1994. In the seventeen years following, owners have been plagued by PMD failure. Now, there is an alternative - the HD PMD from Here are a few of the advantages / improvements of the HD 6.5...

6.5L Injection Pump Harness DS Injection Pump Harness, 6.5 injection pump harness, 6.5L injection pump harness, 6.5L Diesel injection pump harness, DS harness, PMD harness
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6.5L Injection Pump Harness - For those really illusive stalling issues - Brand new GM fuel pump wiring harness for all GM 6.5 diesel trucks from 94 to 2003. This harness has sometimes been the cause of some of the more difficult to find driveability problems on the Chevy / GMC 6.5 diesel. What happens (among other things) is that the spring tension relaxes in the terminals that make contact with the pins of the PMD causing an intermittent connection and driveability issues including stalling...

Calibration Resistor 6.5L Calibration Resistor, #9 Resistor, #5 Resistor, 6.5 Resistor, PMD resistor, 6.5L resister, 6.5 resistor, Number 9 resistor, Number 5 resistor, FSD resistor
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Calibration Resistor NOTE: You do not need to know any of this if you are buying our FSD heat sync kit! The calibration resistor is already installed for you and you will never need to know it exists again, but if you are buying individual pieces, or just curious, read on! What is a calibration resistor? The Calibration Resistor on your 6.5L Diesel sets the maximum fuel delivery volume of the injection pump. It is analogous to the maximum fuel adjustment screw on an old fully mechanical...