6.5L Injection Pump Harness

- For those really illusive stalling issues -

Brand new GM fuel pump wiring harness for all GM 6.5 diesel trucks from 94 to 2003. This harness has sometimes been the cause of some of the more difficult to find driveability problems on the Chevy / GMC 6.5 diesel. What happens (among other things) is that the spring tension relaxes in the terminals that make contact with the pins of the PMD causing an intermittent connection and driveability issues including stalling (although the most common cause is the PMD itself). This connection will endure only a limited number of plug / unplug cycles before the connection is compromised and it must be replaced. For this reason, one manufacturer of PMD's actually requires that a new harness be purchased with each new PMD.

If you came here looking for an EXTENSION harness for you PMD, never fear, we have those as well - click here.

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