Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver (PMD)

  • Brand New Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver from AccurateDiesel.com (PMD) - Also known as a Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD).
  • Tired of unreliable OEM PMD's? - The HD Stanadyne PMD is built to last!
  • The 6.5L Diesel with electronic injection was introduced in 1994. In the seventeen years following, owners have been plagued by PMD failure. Now, there is an alternative - the HD PMD from AccurateDiesel.com.
  • Here are a few of the advantages / improvements of the HD 6.5 diesel PMD:

  • Electrical components are rated for 125 degrees C vs. the 85 degree rating of the OEM PMD which was well below "real world" operating temperature!
    Design allows for thermal expansion and contraction without causing component cracking
    Improved transistor mounting for better torque retention
    Larger heat dissipation area
    All this PLUS a lower price than the OEM PMD!

  • Replacing your PMD may solve many stalling, hard starting and hesitation problems which may be accompanied by codes 35/36 on 1995 and older models, or 1216 on 1996 and newer models. If your truck shuts off like someone reached over and turned off the key, you probably need a new PMD!
  • Don't replace the whole injection pump if you only need a new PMD!
  • All 6.5L owners who are currently running a Stanadyne PMD would be well advised to purchase and carry an HD PMD replacement for backup purposes. OEM PMD failure is not a matter of "if", but "when". Towing bills are expensive and inconvenient!

  • Check out our FSD Heat Sync for easy PMD installation and longer life.
  • Click here for PMD installation instructions.
  • Click here for a list of some items to check before replacing your pump or PMD.
  • FSD Extension Cable for re-locating your PMD to a cooler location.
  • Click here to learn about calibration resistors.

Note: The HD 6.5 diesel PMD will plug into the original connector on your vehicle. It does NOT require changing harnesses or using special adapters as do new gray-colored PMD's offered elsewhere.

Replaces the following part numbers (and others):
30214, 34583, 39405, 35976, 19209057, DT76301, 19207721, 12562836
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