Pump Mounted Driver

Pump Mounted Driver (PMD)

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Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) Brand New Heavy Duty Pump Mounted Driver from AccurateDiesel.com (PMD) - Also known as a Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD). Tired of unreliable OEM PMD's? - The HD PMD is built to last! The 6.5L Diesel with electronic...
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Lowell Indiana

The only one that works

<p>I have a 1995 c3500 Chevy dually. I have put a number of complete injector pumps on my truck. It currently has 178.000 on the original engine. I have remote mounted the gray pmd. With no better results. I bought the dtech pmd for accurate diesel. About a year ago. Seems like it was much better. No problem. But as of three days ago I returned from a two week trip to Florida with a empty trailer heading south and a very heavy 55 Buick in tow. Truck trailer and and car 14.000 pd. Working the truck hard through the mountains. With the engine getting fairly warm at times. The pmd gave me no problems. And had the performance I needed. Now I can count on my truck again. Thanks accurate diesel</p>

Reviews 1-1 of 1