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 FSD Heat-Sync Kit 6.5L stalls, 6.5L stalling, 6.5L shuts off, 6.5 stalling, 6.5 stalls, 6.5L PMD, 6.5 PMD, Pump mounted driver, 6.5L FSD, Fuel solenoid driver, remote mount PMD,
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    - For all 1994 and newer 6.5L Diesel - The FSD Heat Sync Kit has two major advantages when compared to replacing your PMD only. First, the PMD runs much cooler on the Heat Sync and lasts longer. Second, the installation time of the PMD is reduced from several hours to about 10 minutes. Easier than changing your oil! The FSD Heat Sync kit from AccurateDiesel.com comes with the HD PMD - the PMD alternative designed to last! Here are a few advantages of the HD PMD heatsink: Electrical components...