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6.0L / 6.4L / 7.3L Powerstroke Glow Plug Controller  6.0L Glow Plug controller, 6.4L glow plug controller, 7.3L glow plug controller, 6.0 powerstroke glow plug module, 7.3 powerstroke glow plug module, 6.4 powerstroke glow plug module, 6.0 glow plug controller, 7.3 glow plug controller, 6.4 glow plug controller, 1828565C1, AP63406, YC3Z12B533AA, YC3Z-12B533-AA, DY-876, DY876, GPCM, FSR1828565C1
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    6.0L / 7.3L / 6.4L Ford Powerstroke- Glow Plug Controller -NEW Fits- All 2003 - 2010 6.0L Powerstroke- All 2008 - 2010 6.4L Powerstroke- 2000 to 2003 7.3L Powerstroke Truck with California Emissions only- 2000 - 2003 7.3L ExcursionNote: 7.3L truck owners from 2000 - 2003 will need to check the underhood emissions sticker to see if you have Federal or California emissions. Federal trucks use a conventional glow plug relay (also in our Ebay store). California trucks use this glow plug...

    6.0L 7.3L 6.4L Powerstroke Glow Plug Module Controller Pigtail Set GPCM pigtail, GPCM Connnector, 6.0L GPCM Connector, 6.4L GPCM connector, 7.3L GPCM Connector, Powerstroke GPCM connector, 4C3Z-12B568-AA, powerstroke glow plug module connector, powerstroke glow plug controller connector, powerstroke glow plug control module connetctor, powerstroke glow plug controller pigtail, powerstroke glow plug controller pigtails, powerstroke glow plug controller harness, powerstroke glow plug module pigtails,
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      POWERSTROKE - GLOW PLUG CONTROL MODULE PIGTAIL SET - Fits- All 2003 - 2010 6.0L Powerstroke - All 2008 - 2010 6.4L Powerstroke- 2000 to 2003 7.3L Powerstroke Truck with California Emissions only- 2000 - 2003 7.3L Excursion If one or more of the glow plug module connectors on your 6.0L has overheated / melted / or burned this 6.0 Powerstroke glow plug control module replacement pigtail set will save you $$ vs replacing the entire engine harness which is obsolete for some applications. Replaces...

      6.7L Ford Powerstroke Glow Plug Controller OEM 6.7L Powerstroke Glow plug controller, 6.7 ford powerstroke glow plug module,  DY1505, 6.7 powerstroke glow relay, 6.7L Ford Powerstroke Glow plug timer, 6.7L GPCM
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        BRAND NEW GENUINE OEM FORD MOTORCRAFT GLOW PLUG ModuleFits 2012 - 2019 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel The Glow Plug Controller (Ford calls it a GPCM) is controlled by the PCM and is used to turn the glow plugs on and off at the appropriate times. It also controls the heating elements in reductant (DEF) reservoir, pump, and heated line assembly. The GPCM relay is mounted to the underside of the right hand battery box (remove the RH (passenger) inner fender to access). 6.7L Powerstroke OEM Glow Plug...

        6.9L Glow Plug Controller 6.9L Glow Plug Controller, 6.9 Glow Plug controller, 6.9L IDI Glow Plug controller, 6.9 IDI Glow Plug controller, 6.9L Diesel glow plug controller, 6.9 diesel glow plug control
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          6.9L Ford / IDI Glow Plug Controller Made in the USA Fits 1983 -1987 This 6.9 glow plug controller is an updated solid state design. The original sensors were electro-mechanical and had an extremely high failure rate. Our replacements have been re-engineered using modern electronics technology for much improved reliability. Externally the sensor will appear unchanged and will plug in perfectly with no modifications. Operating characteristics have not changed. If you need to diagnose the system...

          7.3L IDI Glow Plug Controller
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            7.3L IDI Glow Plug ControllerMade in the USAFits 1988 -1994We also carry glow plugs, glow plug relays, and glow plug kits for your 7.3L IDI engine.Note: This IDI glow plug controller will NOT fit 1994 and later Power-stroke engines. See this item in our other listings.

            7.3L Powerstroke Glow Plug Relay Powerstroke glow plug relay, 7.3L Glow plug relay, 7.3 glow plug relay, 7.3L Powerstroke glow plug relay, 7.3 glow plug relay
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              7.3L Powerstroke Glow Plug Relay - Improved design for longer life! - Made in the USA Use our 7.3 glow plug relay upgrade to solve a very common problem with the Powerstroke diesel - if you are getting very hard starting this could be your problem. To test your relay, connect your test light across the two little terminals and activate the glow plugs by turning on the ignition. If your test light comes on, the signal to the relay is good. Now connect your test light's clip to engine ground....

              A set of premium glow plugs means nothing if your glow plug controller or relay is not working. We offer glow plugs for the entire range of Ford and International IDI and Powerstroke engines. Own a 6.9L, 7.3L, 6.0L, or 6.4L Ford diesel? We have your parts! While system operation varies slightly, in general glow plug controllers on older applications measure the temperature of the engine and determine the length of the glow plug pre-heat cycle and may also cycle the glow plugs for a short time after startup to keep the engine from stalling and reduce smoke. On later computerized applications, the glow plug relay / controller responds to signals from the PCM and may also be involved in monitoring for glow plug system faults and setting glow plug related fault codes (DTC's).