6.9L Ford / IDI Glow Plug Controller

Made in the USA

Fits 1983 -1987

This 6.9 glow plug controller is an updated solid state design. The original sensors were electro-mechanical and had an extremely high failure rate. Our replacements have been re-engineered using modern electronics technology for much improved reliability. Externally the sensor will appear unchanged and will plug in perfectly with no modifications. Operating characteristics have not changed. If you need to diagnose the system after installing our IDI glow plug controller, please keep in mind that continuity tests published for original electro-mechanical style sensors are no longer valid.

We also carry glow plugs, glow plug relays, and glow plug kits for your 6.9L engine.

NOTE: Please be cautious when replacing one of these 6.9 glow plug controllers - they are hollow aluminum and will easily break if overtightened.

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