- For all 1994 and newer 6.5L Diesel -

  • The FSD Heat Sync Kit has two major advantages when compared to replacing your PMD only. First, the PMD runs much cooler on the Heat Sync and lasts longer. Second, the installation time of the PMD is reduced from several hours to about 10 minutes. Easier than changing your oil!
  • The FSD Heat Sync kit from AccurateDiesel.com comes with the HD PMD - the PMD alternative designed to last! Here are a few advantages of the HD PMD heatsink:
  • Electrical components are rated for 125 degrees C vs. the 85 degree rating of the OEM PMD which was well below "real world" operating temperature!
    Design allows for thermal expansion and contraction without causing component cracking
    Improved transistor mounting for better torque retention
    Larger heat dissipation area
    All this PLUS a lower price than the OEM PMD!
  • The FSD 6.5 diesel heatsink kit includes a new HD PMD, the FSD Heat Sync, and a calibration resistor. The calibration resistor is required because the old resistor cannot easily be removed from the old PMD in its original location. We normally install a #9 resistor for a slight performance increase - if you prefer a stock #5 (or other number) please specify in the customer comments section while placing your order. Click here if you're curious about the function of the calibration resistor. All components come completely assembled with the FSD properly torqued to the Heat Sync for fast and easy installation!
  • FSD Heat-Sync only - $95.00. Calibration resistor - $24.50.
  • Package deal - "FSD Heat Sync Kit" includes - New HD PMD, Heat-Sync, and Calibration resistor for $350.00.
  • Note: The plastic engine cover must be removed (or modified) when using the Heat-Sync. This also allows cooler injection system operation. Occasionally on a very small percentage of trucks, if the injection pump wiring has been improperly installed, the wiring may be too short to reach the new location. On these vehicles, the wiring can usually be repositioned with a coat hanger, but on rare occasions, the intake may have to be removed to allow the harness to be repositioned. Another alternative is to purchase our FSD Extension Cable either as a solution to mis-routed factory wiring, or to relocate your new FSD heat sync and PMD to an entirely different and cooler area of the engine compartment. See FSD Extension Cable for tips and suggestions.
  • All 6.5L owners who are currently running a factory PMD would be well advised to purchase our 6.5 diesel heatsink kit with HD PMD for backup purposes. OEM PMD failure is not a matter of "if," but "when." Towing bills are expensive and inconvenient!

  • Van (Savanna/Express) / Cab-Chassis (Such as school busses) / Hummer H1 owners: We also have a kit especially designed to mount to the unique intake manifold of these vehicles - The price for the G/P model kit is $370.00. For installation pictures click here.

    *Note: Be sure to select the correct model option from the drop down menu located at the bottom of this page.
Heat-Sync Installed Heat-Sync Detail
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