FSD Heat-Sync Installation Instructions (Pickups/Suburbans/Blazers):

- Click here if you have a van or Hummer H1 -

  • If your truck still has the large plastic "Turbo Power" cover over the top of the engine, you will need to remove it - it is held in place by four 10mm bolts.
  • Remove 2 upper intake manifold bolts on the driver's side using a 10mm wrench, and mount the Heat-Sync by threading the bolts through the mounting bracket and back into the intake manifold. Torque to 18ft/lbs.

Engine View

  • Remove harness connector from existing FSD located on the driver's side of the injection pump (pictured below) using a long small screwdriver to release the latch and push backward. (The old FSD stays in its original location, no need to move it.)
  • Using a T-25 Torx screwdriver, remove the harness ground wire on the top of the injection pump, and replace the screw. Note: If using an optional extension cable to mount the Heat Sync in a different location, the ground wire can stay in its original location.

  • Using a hook fabricated from a suitable stiff wire or a needle nose pliers GENTLY pull the PMD connector straight up, until it will reach the new FSD and plug-in. (the harness is plenty long enough to reach without straining, if it strains, something is hanging up the harness-proceed GENTLY with hook to release)
  • Attach the harness ground wire under the ground screw on the side of the FSD Heat-Sync.

Heat Sync


  • After 1,000 miles and occasionally thereafter, re-torque the FSD mounting screws to 20 in-lbs (don't over tighten) to assure proper heat transfer and maximum PMD/FSD life.

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