FSD Heat-Sync Kit Advantages:

  • Made in the USA with 100% American materials.
  • Less expensive then any professionally made competitive unit.
  • Large mass of cooler with thicker base then most others, absorbs heat better on a quick rise in temperature..
  • Grade 8 fasteners provided to achieve proper torque of PMD to cooler for best heat transfer. (prettier stainless ones won't acheive necessary torque without snapping)
  • Improved technology aids heat transfer between the PMD and the Heat Sync.
  • PMD mounted perpendicular to cooling fins instead of parellel allowing each 500 watt transistor on the back of the PMD to have it's own cooling fins, instead of sharing the same fins as others do... runs cooler.
  • Location...testing has proven that mounting in the location shown, allows a better flow of air to cool the PMD than anywhere under the hood including the firewall.

" Many competitive units have insufficient cooling fin area -
our Heat Syncs have 120 square inches of fin surface area for superior heat transfer."