6.5L PMD/FSD Extension Cable

Three lengths - 8in, 40in, or 6ft.

The purpose of this PMD extension cable wiring harness is to allow relocation of your truck's PMD/FSD to a cooler location.While the truck's stock wiring is long enough to allow mounting on the manifold (assuming it was replaced in the correct locations following previous repairs), some prefer another location further from engine compartment heat. We stock these PMD extension cables in three lengths, 8 inch, 40 inch and 6 feet. These are the most professional harnesses on the market. The connector is injection molded (not handmade fiberglass like many) and the quality is equal to factory. Second to none!

Please note that this 6.5 diesel PMD relocation kit/harness is ONLY for use with PMD's that are black in color (this includes the original Stanadyne PMD and all aftermarket PMD's including the HD PMD). If you have one of Stanadyne's new grey in color bullet-proof PMD's, please click HERE for the correct cable.

Installation of this 6.5 diesel PMD relocation kit/harness is very simple, if you can use an extension cord, you can use this PMD extension cable! Word to the wise: When choosing a location to relocate your PMD/FSD, please remember that although the top of the engine seems like a "hot" environment, the fan moves a large volume of air across the top of the engine. Any location you choose likewise needs to have a sufficient flow of air or your PMD/FSD will fail prematurely. Some of the interesting locations we have seen involve mounting the heat sync in the airbox so it is cooled by air coming into the engine. Others have mounted it behind the grill, skidplate, or bumper and we have even heard talk of peltier junction coolers! Locations that are not advisable are against the firewall, or behind the battery. Many people have successfully employed computer fans or squirrel cage blowers for additional cooling.

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