Replacing a PMD:

  • Remove air cleaner and intake manifold.
  • Mark the position of the injection pump.
  • In most cases, it will be necessary to loosen the three nuts that hold the injection pump and rotate it for better access to the lower PMD mounting screws.
  • Remove the four T-15 screws that attach the PMD.
  • There is a calibration resistor inside the electrical connector of the PMD. A paperclip bent into a big "U" or a snap rings pliers can be used to remove it. This resistor must be installed in the new PMD. See the calibration resistor page for instructions.
  • Re-assemble, and do not forget to line up the timing marks that you made on the injection pump. Because the injection pump timing is so exacting, it may still be necessary to have the injection pump timing reset with a Tech2 or equivalent scan tool.
  • This procedure can take around 3 to 4 hours depending on your familiarity with the procedures involved. A new set of intake manifold gaskets should be on hand before attempting the procedure.

For quick and easy 6.5L PMD installation (typically 10 - 15 minutes) with no need for component removal, see our FSD heat sync kit.