Anti-Drainback Valve

Two sizes available:

8mm / 5/16 in Fuel Line OR 10mm / 3/8 in

Many older diesels develop drain-back issues over time that result in difficult starting after sitting for awhile because tiny leaks in the fuel system allow the fuel to drain back to the tank while the vehicle is not in use. Finding and fixing the root cause can be very time consuming and expensive. In some cases, a more expedient solution is to install an diesel fuel anti drain-back valve in the low pressure fuel system near the engine to prevent this problem. These valves are also called diesel non-return valves and are essentially a calibrated one-way diesel fuel check valve.

Several things make these particular anti drain-back valves unique. Foremost is that they include an integral filter to prevent contaminants from blocking the check valve open. It was frequently found that valves without such a filter quickly became useless when a piece of dirt lodged in them. In addition to the filter, there is also a strong magnet before the diesel fuel check valve to collect any metallic contaminants. Another unique feature is that they can be easily disassembled for checking and cleaning the filter and magnet.

Please be aware that these anti drain back valves are intended for use on low pressure fuel systems only (22 PSI max). They work great on older mechanical fuel systems such as Ford 6.9L / 7.3L IDI, GM 6.2L and 6.5L, Dodge 5.9L pre-2003, older VW diesel, as well as a myriad of tractor / agricultural and industrial / commercial applications. 

Price is for one single anti-drain back valve - both sizes are shown.

Overall length ~ 4 inches
Diameter ~ 1.5 inches
Made in Italy

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