Remanufactured OEM FORD Mass air flow sensor (MAF)

Save money by replacing only the sensor, not the entire housing. Just remove the two torx ("tamper proof" torx in some cases), remove the old sensor, and slide in the new one.

Replaces the following part numbers:

AC Delco: 213-3426, Ford 1L2F-12B579-BA, 19112541, Others: MF0862, SU1287 (Note: The number stamped on your sensor is NOT a part number, but rather a stamping number - if your vehicle is listed on the application list below, this part is the correct one.)

Ford Mass Air Flow Sensor fits the following applications:

Escort / ZX2 99 - 03 2.0L
Escape 01 - 02 2.0L
Explorer / Mountaineer 99 - 04 4.0L or 5.0L
Sport Trac 01 - 05 4.0L
Mariner 05- 06 3.0L
E150 / E250 Van 99 - 03 4.2L
Mustang 02 - 03 3.8L
Taurus / Sable 00 - 03 3.0L
Windstar 99 - 03 3.0L or 3.8L
B2300 01 - 04 2.3L
B3000 01 - 04 3.0L
B4000 01 - 04 4.0L
Tribute 01 - 06 3.0L

Note: On some vehicles, especially if the old sensor was way out of spec, it may be necessary to re-set KAM (KAM stands for keep-alive-memory and is the computer's record of things like fuel trim, etc.) KAM can be re-set easily with a scan tool, if you do not have a scan tool, leave the negative battery cable disconnected overnight. After installing the sensor, a few brief wide-open throttle accelerations will help the computer re-learn for best operation.

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