Duramax LB7

Injector Cap Set

(Complete set for 8 Injectors)


2001 - 2004 LB7

Includes the following:

(8) Inlet Connector Caps

(8) Tip / Nozzle Protector Caps

(8) Return port plugs

Dirt / Contamination is THE # 1 Enemy of the common rail injector. Very few people understand how extremely sensitive common rail injectors are to contamination! One tiny spec of dirt can render a $250 brand new injector immediately useless!

Any time an injector is removed, or the injection lines are disconnected, the injector inlets should be capped immediately to prevent the possibility of contamination. Once the injector is out of the engine, the injector nozzle / tip should be immediately protected with a plastic cap. The nozzle orifices are extremely precise and if the tip of the injector is bumped around on a workbench or in a box with other injectors, it could be permanently damaged.

Since an injector that sprays improperly can damage / ruin an engine cylinder, the stakes are VERY high - thousands of dollars!

We often receive injectors from customers for testing with no injector caps whatsoever, wrapped in dirty rags and rolling around together in a box. Even if the injectors were perfect when removed, after traveling through the mail without any kind of protection, some of them are likely damaged!

Don't be that person! Spend a few dollars and save hundreds or thousands by protecting your injectors from damage by using the proper protective caps!

If you work on these engines regularly, a set of these diesel injector caps belongs in your toolbox.

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