Genuine OEM

LB7 Performance Fuel Injector

60HP SAC and larger!

2001 - 2004 Chevy / GMC Duramax Diesel Injector with LB7 Engine

- For those customers who are seeking the very best, we supply LB7 Duramax performance injectors from the original equipment manufacturer
- Incorporate all of the most recent updates including super hardened chrome ball seat. Unquestionably the best LB7 option available anywhere, at any price!
- Improved alloy body material affords greater resistance to cracking and yields a beautiful super-shiny appearance

- LB7 Performance injectors MUST be installed as a set! You cannot mix performance and stock injectors.

- It is YOUR responsibility to be aware of your local laws regarding vehicle modifications. Therefore these Duramax diesel injectors are sold for off road use ONLY (racing, pull truck events, etc)

- Please note that LB7 Performance injectors are build to order - please allow a few extra days for delivery


60 HP:

Our most popular LB7 performance injector. These injectors are a 'mild performance' upgrade - great for a daily driver or for towing purposes. The 60HP injector is very popular because no other modifications are required - install and drive! Customers love the extra 'pep' and the majority report a slight gain in economy (when they are not having fun with the extra power!)

These injectors feature a SAC style nozzle which is an improvement over the factory VCO style nozzle and is more resistant to the excess heat generated in performance applications. One of the inherent weaknesses of the factory LB7 injector design was the VCO nozzle which was prone to premature leakage causing smoke problems at idle. SAC nozzles are much more robust and not prone to this type of failure. It is our opinion that upgrading to SAC type nozzles is one of the best investments an LB7 owner can make.

Nozzle flow is up to 45% over stock - the industry considers this a 60HP nozzle. Results can vary depending on tune and condition, and other modifications. Your power (and mileage) may vary up or down!


We also offer 65% over and 100% over injectors for serious performance builds. Custom sizes are available also. High flow injectors may require additional fuel system modifications, such as increased lift pump capacity, and stroker or dual CP3 pumps. Please do your research carefully before purchasing extreme high-flow injectors.

For a NEW mild performance 10% over injector, please click HERE to check out our Torquemaster injectors.

We also offer lower valve cover gasket kits, glow plugs and injector installation kits - see related items below.

(Please note that later 2004 Duramax engines use the LLY engine and a different injector. To identify your engine, check the eight digit of the VIN - if you have an LB7 engine, it will be a '1')

Part Numbers:
0 445 120 008
0 986 435 502

Item #: B0986435502P
Availability: Build to Order
Usually ships In 2 - 3 days. Because of their custom nature performance injectors are custom made for each order. "Mild" oversizes usually ship fairly quickly while extreme sizes may take a little extra time (a week or more). Feel free to email for lead time if desired.
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