EMERGENCY Injection Line

Have a Broken Diesel Injection Line?
This temporary fuel injector line replacement will get you up and running!

Not intended as a permanent injector pipe repair but works great as a temporary fuel line fix until you can find an original line.

Works on the following applications:
GM 5.7L, 6.2L and 6.5L (Both mechanical and electronic pump models)
Ford 6.9L and 7.3L IDI
VW 1.5L / 1.6L / 1.9L
Marine Applications
with 12 mm or 14mm connections.

If you are traveling any distance with an older GM or Ford diesel, you need to have one of these emergency diesel injector lines under the seat! A spare fuel injection fuel line is very cheap insurance against a towing bill and long hotel stay!

Approximately 25 inches in length
12mm ends, 14mm adapters included
Solid, Flexible Steel
Burst Pressure 20,900 PSI (1,440 Bar)
Working Pressure 8,350 PSI (575 Bar)

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