6.2L / 6.5L Injection Lines

Complete set of eight brand new fuel injection lines for Chevy / GMC / CUCVEE 6.2 Diesel engines. These fuel injection lines are specifically intended for 1988.5 to 1993 engines (with short injectors). They can also be used on 1982 - 1988.5 vehicles in place of the (no longer available) early 6.2L Injection lines. They will require very minor "tweaking" at the injector end to make them fit. These are also the lines you need if you are converting from electronic to mechanical injection on your 1994 of newer truck. They will NOT fit 1994 and newer passenger trucks with electronic injection. A few commercial applications after 1994 such as bread vans continued to use  mechanical injection and would required this lines. 

If you are rebuilding your engine or replacing your pump, now is a great time for new lines - injection lines do occasionally rupture and can leave you stranded. Trucks in northern states usually exhibit very rusty and pitted lines further worsening the situation. Failure to install all of the anti-vibration clamps can also lead to early failure. Diesel injection lines that have been bent during service can flake internally causing repeated fouling of fuel injectors.

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