- 6.0L Injector Connector Body -

2003 - 2010 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke

These Ford fuel injector connector replacements have been difficult to obtain for a long time - they are finally available at a reasonable cost. No need to replace the entire injector just because of a broken connector body.

The tabs that hold this Ford 6.0 injector connector into the rocker housing often break off (sometimes due to improper service technique). When this occurs, the injectors are prone to becoming unplugged leading to codes and driveability problems. With age, the connectors become more brittle and more readily broken.


- Looking at your existing connector from the terminal end, you will notice a small square shape in the center. Use a sharp pick to catch and remove this part which locks the terminal retainer tabs in place.
- Note the exact position of each color of wire in the existing connector
- Look into the center of the injector connector where the retainer tab locking device was removed. You will notice a small plastic retaining tab for each wire terminal. Use the pick to gently pry the retaining tabs back one at a time. As soon as the tab is pried back, the wire will slide out the back of the connector.
- As soon as one wire is removed from the old connector, slide it through the rubber seal and into the correct location in the new fuel injector connector replacement. Doing the wires one at a time will help prevent confusion.
- Once all wires are installed in the new connector, install the retainer tab locking device by gently pushing it in.
NOTE: Failure to install the wires in the correct locations will cause a cylinder misfire and codes!


Injector connector body
Connector body O-ring
Rubber Grommet / Set
Retainer tab locking device

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