6.0L Injector Harness Connector
- Vehicle Side -

2003 - 2010 Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Diesel

What is this?

This pigtail is part of the harness that runs from the FICM to the injectors. It is NOT the connector that is part of the injector itself. It is the vehicle-side connector (with about 10 inches of wire) that is outside of the valve cover. If you need the injector side connector, please see related items below.

How do I install it?

This 6.0 Powerstroke injector harness connector pigtail is an alternative to replacing the entire FICM harness when you only have one bad connector. It will need to be spliced into the FICM harness. We recommend using solder and heat shrink tubing, or self-sealing heat-shrinkable crimp-type butt connectors. It is very critical to ensure that each wire is reconnected to the correct location. This is best accomplished by observing the indexing of the fuel injector harness connector you wish to change and drawing yourself a little diagram noting the wire colors and locations. As a precaution, only cut and repair ONE wire at a time to prevent confusion when using this pigtail harness connector!

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