"FICM" (Fuel Injection Control Module) Wiring Harness

2003 - 2010 Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Diesel
(Trucks only / Not Vans)

Powerstroke techs are very familiar with the issues surrounding the 6.0L FICM harness. Ford has issued a number of service bulletins on this topic. The FICM harness is famous for rubbing through at many different points on it's path between the computer module that controls the fuel injectors and the injectors themselves. Intermittent shorts and open circuits in this harness often create high or low circuit injector codes that may lead to a lot of frustration and unnecessary injector replacement.

The connectors at the FICM are also famous for becoming brittle as these trucks continue to age. The retaining clips that keep the connectors plugged into the FICM often break causing the connectors to come partially unplugged. Although it is possible to replace just the connector bodies themselves, at the price of these harnesses, it may not be worth the labor. One wire in the wrong place when installing a new connector will create a real diagnostic headache!

If you are experiencing intermittent misfires and injector electrical codes that come and go, or mysterious repeat FICM failures, it might be wise to consider a new 6.0 Diesel Powerstroke FICM injector wiring harness.

- Replaces Part Numbers -
5C3Z9D930A 5C3Z-9D930-A
4C3Z9D930AA 4C3Z-9D930-AA
Tag # 1844137c or 1955383C9

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