The plastic connectors at the PCM are commonly known for becoming brittle over time due to age and heat. When this occurs the retainers break and the connectors will no longer stay plugged in properly causing stalling and other driveability issues. There are actually three connectors at the FICM. Two of those connectors are part of what is commonly referred to as the FICM harness (see related items below). The FICM harness has two connectors and goes from the FICM to the (8) fuel injectors. The third FICM connector (being offered here) is the connector that goes back to the PCM (main engine computer). Since this ECM harness connector is part of the main engine harness which is very expensive (if even available) and difficult to replace, it is more practical to replace the pigtail only when this connector is damaged. This FICM to ECM connector is commonly referred to as the X-3 connector and is the largest of the three connectors.

Other Part Numbers:

AP0031, 1456315-6, 1437287-7, X-3, AP0018

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