6.5L GM Diesel

Injection Timing Stepper Motor

- Fits 1994 - 2002 -

The 6.5 Chevy / GMC Diesel is equipped with an injection timing stepper motor (very similar in appearance to a GM IAC motor) that allows the PCM to electronically control the injection timing of the DS4 electronic injection pump. When the pump is no longer able to control injection timing properly an injection timing fault code will set. This is usually code 34 on 1994 and 1995 models and code P0216 on newer models. Before replacing the stepper motor for an injection timing fault code, always be sure that the injection pump timing and TDC offset have been properly set first. If the base timing position is out of range, the IAC will not be able to control timing throughout the correct range and replacing the motor will not correct the issue.

This Chevy/GMC stepper motor is held to the injection pump by two torx head screws and is easily replaced in minutes after removing the intake manifold to gain access.

Replaces the following part numbers (and others):

Stanadyne 34407, AP63550

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