6.5L Fuel shut off Solenoid

- Brand New -
- Fits 1994 - 2005 -

A standard 6.5 diesel fuel shut off solenoid has two typical failure modes - first is external leakage from the solenoid, second is that the coil fails causing the truck to either stop running or not start. However, a much more common cause of stalling is the PMD, also available - see related items below.

Failure of an original Chevy 6.5 shut off solenoid can cause a Code 13 (1994 and 1995) or P0215 (1996 - 2002).

Our high-quality, updated 6.5 diesel fuel shut off solenoid with enhancements will cure the leakage issue common with earlier designs.

This Chevy 6.5 fuel shut off solenoid is very easy to change! Just unplug the old fuel solenoid, unscrew it from the injection pump, and reverse the procedure to install. Be very careful not to allow any dirt to get into the injection pump. A new o-ring is included for a leak-free installation.

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