LB7 Duramax Torquemaster Injector

- with one year unlimited mileage warranty -

2001 - 2004 Chevy / GMC Duramax Diesel with LB7 Engine

If you have been looking for an alternative to remanufactured LB7 injectors, we have the answer! These Duramax injector torques are 100% brand new - no part of them ever used in any engine at any time.

These LB7 injector torques feature all of the latest updates for maximum life expectancy including the following:

  • Improved body material resists cracking
  • Hard chrome ball seats resist wear issues that cause high return flow
  • DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated nozzle needle extends nozzle assembly life, preventing leakage that causes white smoke

Torquemaster injectors incorporates proprietary modifications that slightly increase torque output only under full-load conditions. At any condition less than full load the output remains at stock levels to maintain stock driving characteristics, economy, and emissions. Torquemaster injectors are a perfect "drop-in" with no other modifications required.

NEW LB7 Torquemaster injectors are a true game-changer for the Duramax owner and at only $260 each exchange are an incredible value compared to remanufactured!

If your Duramax emits excessive white smoke while idling it most likely needs new injectors. This is a common failure and is caused by nozzle wear which allows fuel leakage into the cylinder. LB7 injector torques can also develop external leaks. Because of their location inside the engine this can result in dilution of the crankcase lubrication oil with diesel fuel. However cracked return fuel rails, or improperly tightened return banjo connections, or, in rare cases, a leaking CP3 pump, can also cause the same symptom.

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(Please note that later 2004 Duramax engines use the LLY engine and a different injector. To identify your engine, check the eight digit of the VIN - if you have an LB7 engine, it will be a '1')

While we encourage installing NEW Duramax Torquemaster injectors in complete sets, it is acceptable to install them singly, especially if future plans call for completing the set.

Note regarding injector body material: These injectors have a beautiful bright / shiny appearance which leads some to refer to them as "stainless steel". There are no LB7 injectors made of stainless steel but the improved alloy material essentially eliminates the cracking problem earlier injectors were prone to,

Please note that Torquemaster injector sets will ship to your exact credit card billing address only. Non-compliant orders will be cancelled.

Replaces Part Numbers:
0 445 120 008
0 986 435 502

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Usually ships In 2 - 3 days. Because of their custom nature performance injectors are custom made for each order. "Mild" oversizes usually ship fairly quickly while extreme sizes may take a little extra time (a week or more). Feel free to email for lead time if desired.
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