6.0L Powerstroke Head Repair Kit

- Winner Motor Top 20 Tools Award 2015 -

Cracked cylinder head repair kit made in the USA

Each year Motor Magazine selects the Top 20 most innovative new tools in the automotive industry. We are pleased to announce that the 6.0 Powerstroke Cylinder Head Repair kit was selected from thousands of new tools and products to receive this highly coveted award for 2015. Click HERE to see a clip of the Motor Magazine article.


"My coolant degas bottle is full of diesel fuel!"

As the 6.0L engine ages a new problem has started to appear more frequently - diesel fuel in the cooling system caused by a crack in one of the cylinder heads. This crack appears in an internal cooling system passage in one of the cylinder heads adjacent to an injector bore. Because fuel pressure is greater than cooling system pressure, diesel fuel migrates into the coolant. See the illustration below:

The traditional solution to this problem is, of course, to replace the cylinder head. This is a highly labor intense job; the average cracked cylinder head repair cost can be upwards of $4,000 or more.


We have teamed with an innovative local company to bring you a highly effective yet comparatively inexpensive cracked cylinder head repair kit. Our solution to the problem involves replacing the factory fuel injector sleeve with an extended sleeve which completely covers the cracked area and is cemented and sealed by a retaining compound. See the illustration below:

Because the replacement injector sleeve reduces the effective diameter of the injector bore, it is necessary to replace the lower injector body with a redesigned part that will fit into the new injector sleeve. The book time to replace a single 6.0L injector is 1.6 hours. Once the leaking injector bore is identified, it should require less than 1 additional hour to complete the repair. No special skills are required to use this cracked cylinder head repair tool. Unlike other methods of attempting to repair this problem, the results are not highly dependent on the skill of the installer. Anyone who is comfortable changing a 6.0L injector should be able to effectively complete this repair. We believe our repair method is superior to simply filling the crack with a sealing material, because the extended sleeve completely seals the cracked area so that even as the crack grows a leak should never reoccur preventing further concerns with diesel fuel in the coolant.

What does the cracked engine cylinder head repair kit include?

Each 6.0 Powerstroke Cylinder Head Repair Kit includes an extended repair sleeve, a tube of Loctite sleeve retaining compound, a new lower injector body, and an injector seal kit. This kit is sufficient to repair one cracked injector bore. Because the end cylinders have much thicker castings, only the center cylinders are likely to crack allowing diesel into the antifreeze. Some customers will sleeve both cylinders on the offending head (usually passenger side) but due to the fact that is is very rare to have more than one crack, it is not a normal practice to repair additional cylinders that are not affected.

What else do I need?

In order to remove the old injector sleeve, and install the new one, you will need a 6.0L injector sleeve remover / installer tool set. You can add this these tools to your order below or you can view them on our website by checking out our 6.0 / 6.4 Powerstroke Injector Cup Removal & Replacement tool. We also have a limited number of tools available for rental in conjunction with the purchase of a cracked cylinder head repair kit only. Please email or call for details. You will also need an injector holding fixture in order to replace the lower injector body. The injector holding fixture (illustrated below) is sold separately from the cracked head repair kit since the holding fixture can be used again to repair the next vehicle.

For complete Installation Instructions and warranty info please click HERE.

To see YouTube's DieselTechRon perform a repair using our kit click HERE.

To see a short video of the leak location supplied by a customer click HERE.


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