6.0L Powerstroke

- Fuel Pressure Test Fitting -
2003 - 2010

For many years it has been difficult to find the proper fitting to easily connect a standard fuel pressure gauge to the 6.0L Ford Powerstroke Diesel. We have now sourced the components to bring you a high quality Ford fuel pressure tester, so you can perform a 6.0 fuel pressure test for a reasonable price. This diesel fuel pressure tester fitting has an OEM 1/4 inch Schrader connection which is the most common connection size for almost any fuel pressure test kit.
Fuel pressure is very critical on the 6.0L Powerstroke. Low Fuel Pressure is one cause of premature injector failure. We advise checking fuel pressure any time new injectors are installed. Our Blue Spring kit is an OEM authorized update to boost fuel pressure and increase injector life - see related items at bottom of page.

- Always were safety glasses when working with pressurized fuel!
- Remove the factory fuel pressure test plug (Allen head) located on the secondary fuel filter housing on top of the engine. See photo below for exact location.

How to connect 6.0L fuel pressure gauge

How to connect 6.0L Powerstroke fuel pressure tester fitting:

- Screw in the adapter fitting and tighten lightly with a wrench to seat the oring
- Attach your fuel pressure gauge to the Schrader fitting and finger tighten.
- Start the engine and carefully check for leaks
-When finished, remove the fuel pressure gauge and fuel pressure tester fitting. Then re-install the factory Allen plug.

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