6.0L Powerstroke Diesel

- HFCM "Monster" Drain Plug -

2003 - 2007 F250 - F650
2006 - 2009 Ford LCF

The OEM fuel pump / filter assembly ("Horizontal fuel conditioning module" or HFCM for short in Ford-speak) drain plug on these applications features a flush mount and requires a 6mm allen wrench to remove. Unfortunately, due to the under-vehicle location of the pump assembly the plug usually becomes corroded in place, particularly in northern climates. When removal is attempted the allen head often strips out and the plug becomes very challenging to extract.

When rounding of the allen head occurs, use a small sharp punch and a sharp whack with a small hammer to start the plug rotating in the correct direction.

Recognizing the problem Ford developed a replacement plug that eliminates the flush design. The new plug sticks out of the HFCM and has a textured grip area - supposedly so the plug can be removed with one's fingers. We find this solution to be less than adequate. The plug still becomes corroded in and quite often a vise grips is needed to break it free - this typically leaves the soft metal of the "improved" plug a gnarly twisted up mess.

Tired of wimpy solutions? We found a better way! Our 6.0 Powerstroke HFCM drain plug "The Monster" features a 3/4 inch hex head. No more rounding off! A zinc coating is employed to minimize corrosion issues. We have recently upgraded "The Monster" 6.0 Powerstroke HFCM drain plug to include an extension arm that allows the plug to hang from the opening of the HFCM after loosening it. Not only does this eliminate the need to remember where the plug was set down after draining, but it also acts as a guide as the fluid drains preventing it from running down the frame rail (Esp. on 4x4's) and making a mess!
(includes a new o-ring)
Do it right, Do it once!

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6.0 Powerstroke HFCM drain plug proudly made in the USA!

Don't overtighten - just snug is plenty!

Tech TIP #3
Ford recommends draining the HFCM of water monthly - or whenever the water-in-fuel light comes on. Consider this a minimum.

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