6.0L Ford Powerstroke

6.0 High Pressure Oil Rail Socket Special Tool

"Ball Tube Socket"

- fits 2003 - 2010 -

Performing the ball tube / oring repair on the 6.0L Powerstroke oil rails requires a special tool to remove and replace the hex compression ring. This 6.0 oil rail ball tube removal tool makes this process easy by aligning and centering the ball tube to the rail during the reassembly process. This is a one-time investment that can be used over and over again. Heat treated for strength and coated for corrosion resistance. For details on performing the repair and to order ball tubes and o-ring or complete kits, click HERE.

Our 6.0 oil rail ball tube removal tool is significantly beefier than most other tools found on the market to withstand the extreme forces sometimes required to loosen the retaining nuts. One of the key features is that it fits directly onto a 1/2 inch drive tool - no socket required. (Many competitive tools require a 23mm socket which is an unusual size not included in many socket sets.) Eliminating the extra looseness between a socket and the tool itself makes impact tools much more effective.

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6.0 high pressure oil rail socket is made in the USA
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