5.9L Dodge Fuel Injector

- fits 2003 - 2004.5 -


- All 5.9 Cummins injectors come with NEW O-rings and tip gaskets included.

-If your truck is a 2004, please check the engine data tag to verify that you are ordering the correct injector. These injectors are for trucks with a 235, 250, or 305 HP rating. If you need the later injector, please see the related items at the bottom of the page.

Option 1

$235 each plus Core

Premium Remanufactured Injector
- Not just repaired - Remanufactured to exacting standards
- Only OEM Bosch components are installed in these injectors - NO aftermarket parts from Europe or China. While most competitive injectors use aftermarket parts to save money, we have found that they key to building a reliable injector is to use exclusively original equipment parts.
- Each injector is individually tested on state of the art equipment
- Thousands installed worldwide in both end-user and fleet / commercial applications.
Option 2:

On sale for $355 each plus core

Brand NEW OEM Bosch injector
- For those customers who are seeking the very best we stock brand NEW Bosch injectors.
- Incorporates all of the most recent updates for improved life expectancy.
- Super-hardened ball seats for superior resistance to ball seat erosion
- Improved alloy body material affords greater resistance to cracking and yields a beautiful super-shiny appearance
- NOT remanufactured!

Unquestionably the best 5.9L injector option available anywhere at any price!

- One of the most common failures of the 5.9L common rail system is a leak between the connector tube and the injector itself which causes a high return flow rate and a no-start condition. Torque on the connector tube is VERY critical and should be 37ft-lbs. Failure to properly torque the tube upon installation of new injectors will cause a repeat failure.

- It is always advisable to replace your connector tubes at the same time the injectors are replaced especially if you have had a leak at the injector / connector tube junction. Leaks at this junction will cause etching of the connector tube and or injector and a repeat failure is likely to occur if the connector tube is not replaced. This etching is very hard to see visually. Often when a repeat leak occurs at the connector tube junction the injector body will also be ruined causing a repeat (non-warranty) failure.

- In addition to high return rates caused by connector tube / injector leaks, the injectors themselves can have internal leaks. In either case, the CP3 pump may be unable to cope with the demand and the rail pressure will be below the 5000 PSI required for a cold start.

- System pressure is up to 23,000 PSI under load. Use great care when working on these systems and do NOT crack lines open with the engine running.

- A crankcase that is contaminated with fuel is a common sign of injector failure.

- 2004 and 2003 Dodge Cummins injectors can be individually disabled with the vehicle running using a scan tool as an aid in diagnosis.

Please note that a $50 refundable core charge will be added for each 5.9 Cummins injector (unless your cores are sent ahead - see below). This amount is fully refunded upon the return of a rebuildable injector which has not been disassembled. Physically broken cores are not acceptable. Injectors that have been marred by sloppy unprofessional removal techniques such as grasping them with pliers will be subject to a reduction in core credit. Please contact us if you have any questions about these 2004 and 2003 Dodge Cummins injectors.

These injectors replace the following Bosch, Dodge, and Cummins part numbers (and others):

5086894AA, R5086894AA, 8004082AA, R8004082AA, 0445120255, 0445120113, 0986435503

5.9L Injector sets will ship to confirmed Paypal address or credit card billing address only. No exceptions.

- We also stock 5.9L Performance injectors - 50 HP, 100HP, and larger as well as CP3 high pressure fuel pumps see related items below

5.9L Common Rail Owners, Please note:

The number one cause of premature 5.9L CR fuel system failure is contaminated fuel. Due to the high pressures and extremely fine tolerances involved these systems are much more sensitive to water and particulate matter than earlier fuel systems. Compounding this is the undisputed fact that the filtration system on these trucks is woefully inadequate. A single tank of bad fuel can and often does cause catastrophic fuel system failure - both the CP3 pump and the injectors can be affected.

Failure to completely clean and flush contamination from the fuel supply system before replacing parts WILL result in repeat failures. We have seen repeat failures occur before the vehicle is physically able to leave the repair facility where new parts were installed.

Before installing any new fuel system components we recommend disconnecting the fuel supply line from the CP3 pump and activating the electric fuel pump by turning on the ignition while collecting the fuel in a clean glass sample container. Ideally this fuel should be sent to a lab for analysis. At a minimum, set the sample container aside to settle and then check for any water separation or particulate matter under a bright light. ANY signs of contamination require complete fuel system cleaning.

To properly clean the fuel system the tank must be removed, emptied, and flushed with clean fuel. Do not use water to flush the tank. If the tank cannot be cleaned completely, it MUST be replaced. Fuel lines must be flushed thoroughly, then inspected. If rusty inside, they must be replaced. The fuel filter must be replaced regardless of whether or not contamination is found in the fuel system.

Please take this seriously - contaminated fuel CAN happen to you - regardless of where you buy your fuel or how long you have purchased it there.

Price is per injector

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