Fits 2003 - 2007 Dodge / Cummins Diesel

Genuine NEW Bosch Fuel Injector Connector

- Made in Germany -

Includes New O-ring

The 5.9 Cummins connector tube is responsible for transferring fuel from the injection line at the outside of the cylinder head to the fuel injector which is located in the center of the cylinder head. The connector tube fits into a tapered opening in the injector and forms a metal-to-metal seal. Fuel injector connection leakage is a common problem, which causes hard start and no-start symptoms. Torque on the connector tube nut is VERY critical and must be 37 ft-lbs. It is highly recommended to replace the connector tube at the time of injector replacement. If an old connector tube is re-used, a repeat leakage failure can occur, damaging the body of the new injector (which is not a warrantiable failure). New Bosch fuel injector connector tubes are relatively inexpensive insurance!

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