High Pressure Oil Pump O-ring Kit

- Fits all 7.3L Powerstroke -

(1994 - 2003)

NOTE: Because there is an oil drain hole machined into the engine's valley oil leaks from the high pressure oil pump will cause oil to run down the back of the engine and make it look like you have an oil pan or rear main seal leak.

Our 7.3 High Pressure Oil Pump O Ring Kit includes (7) O-rings:

Compare to Ford's high pressure o-ring kit which only includes (3) O-rings and Alliant Power's Kit which only includes (5) O-rings (both for more money!)

- HPOP Reservoir Fill Plug O-ring

- HPOP End Plug O-ring

- IPR Valve to HPOP O-ring

- HPOP Fitting to Body O-rings (2)

- HPOP Internal Hose fitting O-rings (2)

- Package of Loc-Tite (Not included in Ford or Alliant's Kit)

Compare to AP0011 and 2C3Z-9G804-AA

Please click here for your complete, easy to follow, step-by-step installation instructions. You may print them, or access them online any time at your convenience. To save you money, and environmental resources, we do NOT include a copy of the instructions with the kit.

We advise that all 7.3L Powerstroke owners purchase this oil pump seal kit and carry it in their glovebox. These 7.3 Powerstroke O Rings can be hard to find when you need them on the road!

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