6.2L / 6.5L Diesel

Fuel Injector Socket


Why a special socket for the 6.2 / 6.5 Injectors?

1. The special socket is shaped on the inside to hold the injector correctly and prevent the injector from getting crooked inside the socket. When using a standard socket, the injector return nipples are often bent over when the injector and the socket get at an angle to one another while working in confined spaces. Many times the return connections can not be straightened without cracking or breaking them.

2. Most 30mm sockets are much too large to operate in the confined environment of the 6.5L injectors - especially on the passenger side of turbocharged engines. Additionally most standard 30mm sockets are 1/2 inch drive. Our socket is small enough to allow the passenger side fuel injectors to be changed without removing the turbocharger. Removing the turbo is often not a fun job on older trucks and being able to leave it in place can save several hours of frustration. Being able to use smaller 3/8 drive tools when operating in confined spaces is a big bonus.

With the Kent-Moore tool being long ago obsolete, we decided to make our own socket. This socket is made right here in Michigan USA!

We changed the injectors twice on our own truck - once with a standard socket and once with this socket. We were very favorably impressed with how much faster and easier the job went with the new socket (plus eliminating the worry of damaging the injectors)!


KM J-29873

OTC 5060


All Years 6.2 and 6.5 GM Diesel

1982 - Present

Important Note: An injector is shown in the photos to illustrate how the socket works. This listing is for a socket ONLY. An injector is NOT included!

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