6.2L "Short" Injector Set

Premium Remanufactured

These remanufactured 6.2 diesel injectors are second to none. In fact, analysis on a sophisticated injecto-matic machine has repeatedly shown that our remanufactured injectors perform better than many new injectors. Because some who market new injectors have spread mis-information about remanufactured injectors, many have been led to believe that re-manufactured injectors are inferior. To the contrary, we find that many of the new GM 6.2L injectors on the market, made in India, China, and other low-cost countries, are in fact the inferior product. We stand behind these injectors with our full warranty.

All passenger vans and turbocharged trucks use short injectors. The early body style trucks (82-88) use long injectors. Late body style Chevy / GMC trucks (88-newer) use short injectors. Not sure? Measure from the head surface to the underside of the nut - approximately 1.5 inches on short injectors, 2.75 inches on long injectors or send us the part number off your old injectors and we will verify for you.

Consider adding an injector installation kit (includes air cleaner gasket, self-sealing return lines, end caps, and clamps) for trouble-free installation. While you are changing your injectors, it is also a great time to change the glow plugs as well. Get our full "Tune-up" kit including injectors, glow plugs, and installation kit and save with no extra shipping charge!

Our USA Made 6.2L / 6.5L Injector specialty socket will make your injector swap go faster and easier and eliminate the risk of damaging the injector return connections with the wrong socket. Select below to add to your order if desired.

Price is per set of (8) GM 6.2 short injectors

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