6.5L Fuel Injectors


6.5L Chevy / GMC / HUMVEE / H1

1992 - 2005

also "Tune Up" Kits

Avoid the hassle of returning cores with our brand new injectors. We have tested and examined 6.5L injectors from every manufacturer on the globe. We believe these to be in the top tier of aftermarket 6.5 injectors. Their fit and finish is very good and much more assuring of inner quality than many of the competitive parts we have examined.

When should 6.5L injector nozzles be changed?

Generally speaking, most trucks will benefit from a set of new injectors at 100,000 mile intervals. While it is true that many trucks run many more miles on a single set of injectors, we have come to the conclusion after hearing from many customers who changed their injectors and reported crisper operation with better response, improved economy, reduced smoke, etc that it is wise to change injectors sooner rather than later especially since extremely worn injectors that drip can damage glow plugs and pistons. Keep in mind that at today's fuel prices, a small improvement in economy can pay for itself quickly. Owners who use their trucks for heavy towing should be especially attentive to keeping their injectors in good repair.

What about marine injectors?

We also carry a marine version of this injector (see related items below). While we believe that 6.5 diesel marine injectors are often "oversold," they do have the capability to increase the horsepower of your engine when used in conjunction with other modifications. Keep in mind that simply changing injectors does not increase fuel flow since the injector pump determines fuel delivery. However, the higher fuel flow capabilities of these marine fuel injectors plus their higher pop pressure can be beneficial as part of a carefully planned power-enhancement process. If you do determine that increasing fuel flow and power is right for you, we highly advise that you also install a pyrometer to monitor exhaust temperature in order to prevent engine damage.

What is your "Tune-up" Kit?

We have put together a package that includes a set of our Premium USA-Made glow plugs, an injector installation kit, and a set of our new 6.5 injectors. It often makes sense from a labor standpoint to change your glow plugs while you are changing the injectors since you already are working in the same immediate area. The injector installation kit is an essential part of the job and includes a set of new self-sealing return lines (no pesky clamps needed), rubber end caps, and upper plenum gaskets.

Note: 6.5L diesel injector replacements can also be used in 6.2L engines (except for 1982 with course thread injectors).

Our USA Made 6.2L / 6.5L Injector specialty socket will make your injector swap go faster and easier and eliminate the risk of damaging the injector return connections with the wrong socket. Select below to add to your order if desired.

Pricing is for a set of 8 diesel fuel injector nozzles - add other options below as needed:

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