6.0L Powerstroke
- Stock Nozzle Kit -
- (8) Stock 6.0 Powerstroke injector nozzles
- Complete Internal and External Injector Seal Kit
- Injector Holding Fixture

Time to freshen up your 6.0L Injectors? Fuel injector nozzles are a wear item that will degrade in performance over time causing decreased atomization quality leading to lower combustion efficiency, smoke, and decreased economy. Replacing fuel injector nozzles is a fairly simple / basic process requiring only a few minutes per injector once the injectors have been removed from the vehicle.

The included injector holding fixture is essential to completing the installation of the 6.0 performance injector nozzles in a professional manner. We recommend torquing the lower injector body to 65ft-lbs. Any attempt to hold the injector without a proper fixture while reaching this torque figure is very likely to severely damage the injector. See picture below for correct use of the 6.0 Powerstroke fuel injector holding fixture.

6.0L Injector Holding Fixture

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