6.0L Powerstroke
(fits 2003 - 2010)

Are your injectors experiencing Stiction?
It is well-known that a large percentage of the difficulties experienced

with the infamous 6.0L injector originate in the spool valve. Many

customers have been disassembling their own injectors and cleaning the

spool valves in an attempt to restore normal operation. However, with

the increasing age and mileage of the 6.0L Fleet, it is often found that

the spool valves are badly scored or that the ends of the valves are

worn and re-use is unlikely to result in long-term success. New spool

valves are the answer.

NOTE: Please be cautious and note that 6.0 Powerstroke spool valves are directional! If inserted the wrong way the injector will not function!

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-Complete internal and external seal kits
- Connector bodies
- Solenoids
- Injector holding fixture for lower body removal

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