6.0L Powerstroke

- 30% Over -


These 6.0 Powerstroke performance fuel injectors start life as genuine OE remanufactured parts - direct from Ford's original equipment supplier - the very best remanufactured injector available. The nozzle is then carefully removed, extruded honed to 30% over, and replaced retaining the benefits of having a reman injector with 100% OEM parts.

These 6.0 Powerstroke performance fuel injectors deliver 30% over - an upgrade that typically yields around a 70HP increase on an otherwise stock truck. Many customers also report better fuel economy, although this varies with driving patterns. With additional modifications such as a performance tuner, these nozzles will support much higher horsepower levels. The 30% over modification is very popular - those customers we have spoken to love the way their truck drives with it.

Benefits of choosing OEM reman injectors include:

- BRAND NEW spool valve in every single injector. Years of experience with the G2 HEUI injector led to the conclusion that this is the best practice to archive the ultimate in long-term trouble free operation.
- NEW Spring and Plunger in every injector.
- NEW Solenoids, wiring, and connector in every injector
- Years of improvements and updated specifications applied to every injector (includes vented end caps to prevent stiction)
- For the customer willing to spend a little more to have the assurance that they are getting the best available, this is the ultimate 6.0L reman injector

Item #: PP60R+30
Availability: Build to Order
Usually ships In 2 - 3 days. Because of their custom nature performance injectors are custom made for each order. "Mild" oversizes usually ship fairly quickly while extreme sizes may take a little extra time (a week or more). Feel free to email for lead time if desired.
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