- Glow Plug Connector Set -

Made in the USA

The Problem:
TDI's have a tendency to have poor connection issues between the glow plug harness and the glow plugs causing low current to the glow plugs and hard winter starting. If you are looking for a low cost alternative to a new harness, these individual bullet terminals are your answer!

These are heavy duty, high quality "MADE IN THE USA" heat shrink bullet TDI glow plug connectors. You will need to cut off your old terminals from the existing wires, remove a short strip of insulation, and crimp the new terminals onto your existing wiring. The upper section of the connector will then need to be heated to shrink it to the wiring. Each of the VW connectors is internally coated with a glue like substance that melts when heated to create a moisture tight seal with the wire.

What these will fit:
All Volkswagen TDI with round "bullet" connector glow plugs.

- Please note: Glow plug is not included - shown for illustration purposes only. This listing is for a set of (4) Glow plug connectors only. -

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