VW TDI Glow Plugs
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Genuine ISKRA Glow Plugs

Iskra is a major Italian-based manufacturer of engine electrical parts.
Many famous diesel manufacturers are based in Italy.

VW Golf 2004 - 2006 w/ BEW Engine (A4 Chassis) 1.9L
VW New Beetle 2004 - 2006 w/ BEW Engine (A4 Chassis) 1.9L
VW Jetta 2004 - 2005 w/ BEW Engine (A4 Chassis) 1.9L
VW Jetta Wagon - 2004 - 2006 w/ BEW Engine (A4 Chassis) 1.9L
VW Passat 2004 - 2005 w/ BHW Engine (B5.5 Chassis) 2.0L

Please carefully note that your engine code matches. These plugs are only correct for the "PD" Pumpe Duse engine. Be especially careful on the 2005 Jetta, where they only fit early 2005 examples.

Pumpe Duse cars originally had ceramic glow plugs. Ceramic plugs have a nasty habit of breaking whereupon a portion of the plug falls into the cylinder often causing major engine damage. If your car has the original ceramic plugs we would advise removing them and replacing them with these steel sheath plugs as soon as possible. Because steel plugs have different heating characteristics, an engine computer re-coding is required when installing steel plugs. If you car has already been converted to steel plugs (as very many have), then these plugs are a drop-in replacement. Remember, it is very important that your computer be coded for the glow plugs you have - if you have steel plugs, you must have the coding for 5 volt steel plugs, if you have ceramic plugs, you must have the coding for ceramic plugs - otherwise very rapid glow plug failure can result. If your car already has steel plugs then you should be safe to assume your computer is coded for them.

Note: Our vehicle application is for USA market vehicles, these plugs also fit many more vehicles not listed that were sold in European markets.

For those interested in tech details:
Voltage Rating: 5V

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