6.0L Powerstroke Upgraded STC Fitting

Powerstroke engines produced from 2004.5 and newer (those with the cast iron oil pump), originally used an STC (Snap-to-connect) fitting to route the high pressure oil from the HPOP into the branche tubes. Over the years it has been found that this 6.0L Powerstroke STC fitting has a very high failure rate. Minor leaks could cause hard starting, especially when hot, while catastrophic failure in which the fitting blows apart will cause the engine to die and not re-start.

6.0L HPOP shown above with upgraded fitting installed

Ford determined that having a snap-to-connect fitting in this location was unnecessary and developed a solid one piece STC fitting upgrade to take its place. This solid STC fitting replacement should permanently solve the leakage issue at this connection point. If your truck has not been upgraded with the newer 6.0 STC update, it would be wise to consider doing so before it leaves you stranded!

Original Style STC fitting shown above

Upgraded Ford 6.0L STC fitting replaces Ford part number 4C3Z-9B246-F

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