LBZ Fuel Injector


2006 - early 2007 Duramax Diesel with LBZ Engine

Genuine OEM Bosch LBZ injectors for sale - remanufactured by Bosch

(To verify that you are purchasing the correct Bosch fuel injector please check that the eighth digit of your VIN is a "D")

Each LBZ Duramax injector comes with the body o-ring and copper tip gasket ready for installation. Also included is a sheet with the injector flow calibration number to be programmed into the PCM and glow plug control module at time of injector installation.

Please note that we also sell Peformance LBZ injectors - see related items below.

Part Numbers: 0445120042 0986435521

LBZ injector sets will ship to credit card billing address only.

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