LLY - LBZ - LMM Duramax

Slide-hammer Injector Puller Adapter

(Fits 2004-5 - 2010)

When the second generation of the Duramax Diesel engine came out with the injectors no longer buried under the valve covers, diesel techs the world-around breathed a collective sigh of relief. Unfortunately, one downside of the exposed injector design on the 2004 - 2010 Duramax is that water, road salt, and other debris sometimes make their way into the cavity between the injector and the head causing corrosion which subsequently results in the injector becoming seized in the cylinder head. This situation is especially common with higher mileage trucks in northern rust-belt climates. We have seen this situation become so severe that customers actually had to remove the head and pound the injector out from the bottom.

Our slide-hammer injector puller adapter makes removing stuck injectors much easier! Just remove the injector solenoid, screw the adapter to the top of the injector, screw in the slide hammer, and all but the worst injectors should pop out easily. Fits most standard slide hammer with 5/8th-18 thread.

Designed and Manufactured with Pride in Michigan, USA

Note: Depending on the vehicle application there may be limited clearance to use a slide hammer on the rear-most injectors.


This listing is for ONE injector puller adapter ONLY. Multiple adapters are shown in the photo to allow different views. A slide hammer and injector are shown for illustrative purposes only and are NOT included.

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