6.0L Ford Diesel EGR Valve
(also fits International VT 365 from 2002.5 - 2003)
- Fits 2003 - 2004.5 -

By an OEM Tier 1 Supplier

What is an OEM "Tier 1" Supplier?

"Tier 1" means that a supplier sells parts directly to a major automotive manufacturer (such as GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, etc). To be a Tier 1 supplier, requires adherence to strict quality standards, procedures, and protocols, batch trace-ability and accountability, etc. Tier 1 suppliers are a very select group (examples of Tier 1 suppliers are Bosch, Delphi, Denso, etc). Buying a part produced by an OEM Tier 1 supplier provides a significant level of assurance that you are getting a high quality product.

6.0 EGR Valve replaces the following Part Numbers:

3C34-9F452-AC 4C3Z9F452A EGR4426 522019 522021 EGV1034 HTV105 AP63438 4F1976

Note: When replacing this EGR valve it is advisable to clean out the passages as well as possible to prevent chunks of carbon from sticking in the new valve and causing repeat issues. Use a wire brush and vacuum cleaner. We have also seen the engine started and run at high RPM to force carbon from the passage with the valve removed. Great caution must be taken to ensure that all persons are clear since carbon will exit the passages at high velocity.

Note: Ford advises a special tool for pulling the 6.0 EGR valve. We find that it can usually be worked up gently with a pair of prybars.

If you need an EGR valve for an earlier truck, please see related items below.

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