6.0L Standpipe / Front Port Plug Seal Kit


2004.25 - 2009 6.0L Powerstroke
(also International VT275 (4.5L) and VT365)

When replacing injectors on 2004.25 and later Powerstrokes (those equipped with the 'wavy' style oil rail), it is wise to replace the standpipe and dummy (front port) plug seals. These are common leakage points in the high pressure oil system and can cause hard starting, especially when hot. This kit contains the necessary parts to re-seal both cylinder heads and will service both the single piece and two piece standpipes. Note: These seals are no longer available though the Ford dealer network without purchasing the entire standpipe / port plug assemblies.

NOTE: This kit will service BOTH the NEW style standpipes and dummy plugs as well as the old style. However, if your truck has not been updated to the new style standpipes and plugs, we advise that you update them as opposed to resealing them with this 6.0 Powerstroke Dummy Plug kit. The updated parts have wider grooves to allow for installation of the teflon backup rings which protect the rubber D-rings. Updated standpipes in this Ford 6.0 standpipe kit also contain check valves for faster start-up.

How do I know if I have updated parts?

Early Standpipes require a 10mm allen to remove.
Early Dummy plugs require a 1/2 inch square drive to remove.
Late Standpipes AND Dummy plugs require a 12mm allen to remove.

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