7.3L Ford Powerstroke

Valve Cover Harness Pigtail / Connector Repair Kit

A very common problem on the 7.3L Powerstrokes is that the main connector at the valve cover melts down. This connector handles the current for both the glow plugs and injectors (both of which are under the valve covers.) The purpose of this kit is to repair the connector on the outside of the valve cover which is really a part of the engine wiring harness. Our kit will allow you to save a significant amount of money since purchasing the entire engine harness is no longer necessary.

When replacing the external connectors, it is also advisable to inspect the terminals in the 7.3 valve cover gaskets themselves. If there is any sign of damage, it is advisable to replace the gasket, and potentially the internal harnesses to prevent a repeat failure. You might even think of replacing the glow plugs while you have the valve covers removed (on rare occasions we have seen a shorted glow plug precipitate the failure.) We also carry all these parts individually, or a complete "meltdown glow plug kit" , which includes all of these items in one package. See related items below.

NOTE: 1994 through mid 1997 Powerstrokes use two connectors per valve cover while mid 1997 through 2003 trucks use a single connector per valve cover. Please be sure to order the correct 7.3 valve cover harness kit for your truck below. Each 7.3 Powerstroke valve cover gasket wiring harness kit contains enough connectors to repair all connectors on both sides.

Each connector comes with approximately 8 inches of wiring. These wires will need to be spliced into your factory harness by your method of choice. We recommend either very high quality self-sealing butt connectors, or solder and self-sealing heat shrink tubing.


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