- 7.3L Powerstroke Glow Plug Kits -

Our 7.3 Ford Powerstroke diesel glow plug kits come in several flavors - starting with our basic kit for $106.95 which includes a set of our premium dual coil 7.3 glow plugs and a 7.3 Powerstroke glow plug relay (a very common problem point on the Powerstrokes). We offer the following additions to the basic kit - you can add these items to your order individually, or order one of our convenient packages.

  • Internal Valve Cover Harnesses (Includes wiring for glow plugs and injectors)
  • External Repair Pigtails (Use if external harness is melted or damaged)
  • Valve cover gaskets (Although technically a reusable design, they do leak with some degree of regularity but, more commonly, the connector overheats, necessitating replacement.
  • OEM Fuel Injector Oring / seal kit - A common failure point on the 7.3L Powerstroke and frequent cause of excess oil consumption and other problems. Our genuine OEM o-rings are upgraded from the original design to prevent future issues.

A very common problem with the Powerstroke diesel is the connection / junction where the internal and external harnesses plug into opposite sides of the valve cover gasket. Because of the high current and voltage involved, this is a highly stressed connection. (Our kits eliminate the connection inside the valve cover gasket eliminating the most common failure point.) In many cases, it is advisable to replace all of the above components when the valve covers are removed to prevent having to do the job over again in a short time period.

PS Pigtails

What makes our glow plugs superior?

Laboratory testing indicates that our glow plugs will typically outlast the factory plugs for this application by a factor of two!

  • Domestically made - Our glow plugs are the only ones manufactured in the USA - any other brand you purchase is made in another country - support American workers!
  • OEM Quality - Mention any major player in commercial diesel engines, and our manufacturer has probably made their glow plugs. In fact our glow plugs come out of the very same factory that exclusively manufacturers glow plugs for the US Military HUMVEE.
  • Quality control - Our glow plugs are made in an ISO 9001:2000 certified facility. Every glow plug undergoes stringent examination and testing before being shipped. In fact, every glow plug is tested twice before delivery. The defective rate last year was a mere 0.00007 percent!
  • Post heating - Our glow plugs are designed to continue delivering heat for a short period after power is removed - this contributes to smoother engine operations with less smoke
  • Long life - Premium glow plugs are designed for longevity, and also to resist the swelling problem common with many poorly designed glow plugs that makes removal difficult or impossible.


- If you are ordering only the basic 7.3 Powerstroke glow plug kit, you do not need to determine if you have an early or late Powerstroke - the kits are exactly the same - just order one!

- If you are ordering anything more than the basic kit, you must determine if you have an early or late Powerstroke.

  • All 1994 - 1996 trucks are "early" design.
  • All 1998 - 2003 trucks are "late" design. 1997 trucks can be either early or late - to determine you must observe the electrical connections along the top edge of the valve cover. The "Late" design used a SINGLE connector per valve cover, the "Early" design uses TWO electrical connections per valve cover. Please contact us if you need help determining.

7.3 Powerstroke Glow Plug Kit Prices:

Basic Kit (Glow Plug and relay only) - $106.95
Super Kit (Glow Plugs, relay, valve cover gaskets, and internal harnesses) - $299.95
Meltdown Kit - (Glow Plugs, relay, valve cover gaskets internal harnesses, and external pigtails) - $329.95
(More options available - add options to the basic kit by making your selections below.)

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