-6.9L / 7.3L IDI -

Injection Line Clamp Set

1983 - 1994 Pickup Applications
(Not for Van applications)

Are your injection lines constantly breaking? Over the years the injection line clamps have been left off of many IDI's. Because they are definitely a bit of a nuisance to install and may seem unnecessary, many technicians have neglected to re-install them over the years. However, fuel injection line clamps are absolutely critical to prevent constant injection line failure.

Everything in nature has a resonant frequency. When subjected to it's resonant frequency, a structure will begin to vibrate. The injection lines on an IDI act just like a guitar string at certain frequencies and will resonate at certain RPM and load conditions until they quickly fatigue and crack. An inexpensive set of Ford IDI fuel line clamps will prevent many frustrating break-downs.

Please note that this fuel line clamp set does NOT include any injection lines. Injection lines are shown in the third picture to illustrate where the Ford clamps should be located.

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